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Torreya State Park

If you have an interest in history, you will like Torreya State Park.  There were many battles won and lost.  Steamboats using the Apalachicola River were a common sight and the best way to travel.  You can find lots of information regarding the history of battles online. 

In 1849 Jason Gregory built a cotton plantation at Ocheesee Landing across from the park’s current location.  After the civil war, the house stood empty. Sitting in the flood plain of the river it was flooded many times and was deteriorating.  In 1935 they numbered all the lumber in the house and moved it piece by piece to the park across the river where it stands today.

"Old Picture"

Old Photo of the Gregory House before it was moved.  It sits on the mantel in the house.

"Gregory House"

This is the back of the Gregory house as it stands now in Torreya State Park.

It is a lovely park with a birds eye view of the Apalachicola River.  There are hiking trails that will lead you down to the river.

"Apalachicola River"

They got the name of the Park from a rare tree that grows in the area.

"Torreya Tree"

"Torreya Tree"

"Torreya Tree"

 The “Torreya Tree” is very lovely.

"Torreya House Front Side"

This is the front of the Gregory House which overlooks the river.  It is a large house with very high ceilings.

You can view a lot of interesting antiques inside the house, some are original and some has been donated.

"Old Sewing Machine"

This old sewing machine sews from right to left instead of up and down like they do today.

"Dating Candle"

I’m glad the “Dating Candle” is not used today.  My dates would have been very short.  When a young man comes to visit their daughter they set the candle to the length of time they want the man to stay.  The candle can be adjusted up and down.  When the candle burns down even to the first ring it time for him to leave.

"Old Piano"

An old square piano.

"Ladies Spittoon"

A ladies spittoon, although I don’t think spitting is very lady like.

Torreya State Park is located near Chattahoochee Florida, in the Florida Panhandle.  It is about an hour’s drive west of Tallahassee, Florida and less than two hours from Panama City.

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