Oct 14

Dead Lakes, Wewahitchka, Florida

Dead Lakes

Most people go to the Dead Lake for the fishing. Not I! I’m going for the photos. The lake encompasses about 80 square miles. I have not seen very much of the Dead Lakes and I would like to go back there to explore, but I would not want to get lost in them.

Dead Lakes 2

I was really amazed at the size of  some of the stumps.  So were my nephews.

Nephew in a stump at Dead Lakes

The dead lakes were formed where the Apalachicola and Chipola Rivers met on a cypress swamp and resulted in the flooding of this low lying area.  I have read a couple of theories as to what happened;  one theory is years ago a temporary flood of salt water killed the  cypress trees; another is the Apalachicola river’s current made a sand bar where the Chipola empties out and blocked the river and flooded the swamp.  (Which I think is what really happened).  I have also heard that the dam that was built caused the death of these majestic cypress trees.  Now, only the stumps are left to rot away.  That is how the Dead Lakes got its name.

Nephews At The Dead Lakes

The purpose of the cypress knee is not yet determined, but they sure add a lot of character to the cypress tree.

Cypress Knee

Cypress Trees 3

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  1. Dollie Martin

    how did deal lake get name

  2. Linda Bateman

    The dead lakes name came from all the dead trees caused by high water

  3. Stephen

    I had heard that the Dead Lakes was actually man made. That a timber company cut down a great ancient cypress forest to float timber through to the rivers. An old guy I work with said his dad did the dredging that flooded the area to create the Dead Lakes.

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